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Die Nuts

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M10 x 1R200.00Excluding VAT
M16R290.00Excluding VAT
M20 x 2.5R360.00Excluding VAT
M22 x 1.5R680.00Excluding VAT
M24R520.00Excluding VAT
M36 x 1.5R830.00Excluding VAT
1/4" BSPR304.00Excluding VAT
1/2" BSPR430.00Excluding VAT
3/4" BSPR640.00Excluding VAT
1" BSPR800.00Excluding VAT
1" NPTR800.00Excluding VAT
1/2" x 20 UNFR316.00Excluding VAT
1 1/4" x 12 UNFR980.00Excluding VAT
2" NFR1 400.00Excluding VAT
3/4" BSWR360.00Excluding VAT
1" BSWR580.00Excluding VAT
1 1/8 BSWR750.00Excluding VAT